Make Holi Powder

How to Make Natural Holi Powder

How to Make Natural Holi Powder (3)

Holi is the most awaited festival of the year.

One gets to play with many colors and can apply them on anyone. It is just so much fun to run, chase and apply color on your friends and family.

Let us make the festival more interesting by making the colors by ourselves.

I know you all are wondering how to make Holi powder at home.

Let me tell you few simple methods for making dry and liquid colors.

Dry Holi colors

  • Yellow Color


100 grams of turmeric powder (Haldi)
200 grams of gram flour (Besan)
Mix both the ingredients thoroughly until they blend well into same shade.
Both the ingredients used in making the color are very healthy for skin.
Kasturi turmeric powder can also be used instead of normal turmeric powder adding good perfume to the color.
Maida, wheat flour, rice flour can serve as alternative for besan.

  • Green Color


50 grams of henna powder
50 grams of gram flour (Besan)
Mix both the ingredients well until you get a light green shade powder.
Do not use the brown henna powder that is used for hair coloring as it contains gooseberry (amla) and will leave a color on your face.

  • Red Color


20 hibiscus flower
50 grams of gram flour (besan)
Dry and powder the hibiscus flower into fine powder.

Mix the fine powder with gram flour and blend thoroughly.
Red sandalwood powder being very healthy for skins can also be used instead of hibiscus flower.

  • Blue Color


20 Jacaranda flowers
50 grams of gram flour (besan)
Dry the jacaranda flower and grind it to make fine powder.

Now mix the gram flour (besan) to it and blend thoroughly.
Blue hibiscus flower is one best alternative to jacaranda flower.

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Liquid Holi Colors

  • Red color

Mix the red sandalwood powder in water and make it clear water with no lumps.

You can add a spoon of turmeric into the water and mix well for getting a brighter color.

  • Green Color

Boil bunch of fresh neem leaves in water for some time.

Let the liquid cool, take out all the leaves and dirt from it. Dilute the green liquid if needed.

  • Yellow Color

Mix 50grams of turmeric powder in normal water and use it as the liquid yellow color.

  • Blue Color

Take the fruits of the indigo plant and crush them thoroughly. Add water to it and mix well. Take out the chucks of the fruits from the liquid.

  • Brown Color

Put coffee powder in water and mix it thoroughly so that there are no lumps.

How to Make Natural Holi Powder (2)

Make your own natural chemical free colors and spread lots of love, happiness and fun on Holi. Happy Holi!!