Best Dog Life Jackets – Why You Should Invest in one

Summer is approaching. Blue sunny skies, fresh breeze and open water living are what you have your eyes set on. The outdoor life awaits you and your best friend, who is always loyal to you and ready for an adventure. So much love and loyalty can only be returned by ensuring that they are properly equipped to be safe on the course that you are steering. You can safely include your dog when boating, beaching, and lakeshore swimming by doing your research on the proper life jacket before setting out on your travels.

Safety First for Small Breedsdog with Life Jackets

For smaller breed dogs, this is a factor that you want to prioritize. Seek out brands that are secure as to avoid your happy pooch from slipping or wiggling out in calm waters such as lakes and rivers. The same security will cover them in choppy waters as well. The brands that are best for this are JZHY Safety, which is very secure or the Paws Aboard PP37 (ideal for small breeds if you will be doing more carrying). The Pawz Pet Products is one that will make a dog who can’t swim feel safe and comfortable and it is the only one that has a leash attachment.

Physical Therapy

There are many reasons why your dog might require a dog life jacket As such, if your canine friend has some previous injury or condition, such as arthritis or aging pains, did you know that the best dog life jacket for them will also provide physical therapy to strengthen their frame? The Hurrtta Collection 930658 will distribute weight evenly and is excellent for dogs of all sizes and those that are rehabilitating. This along with the SCT PupSaver are good for a variety of breeds. This one has a built-in chin support and is more heavily padded and is a very sturdy choice.

Athletic Dogs

athletic dogIf you have a larger breed that is more active, stick with life jacket brands that allow more flexibility of movements such as the First Aid USA AKC, or the Ezy Dog DFD which is a very comfortable option for active dogs and will support a dog up to 90 pounds. The Outward Hound 22022 is another excellent choice for more energetic dogs of a small or large breed. It allows a lot of flexibility and includes a built-in chin float as well. Ruffwear K9 is the most versatile and top dog life jacket. Make this a summer to remember.