Benefits of having a playful dog

The relationship between man and dogs is one that has lasted for decades. It is easy to count the number of homesteads that don’t have a dog. They are of help to man in very many ways. People prefer the company of their dogs when going for several adventures like hiking and camping. Their ability to sniff out and uncover mysterious things is the primary reason. Pups are also of therapeutic benefits to humans. They help reduce depression by playing around with their owners. Imagine getting home to a playful dog after a long days work. That relaxing feeling is the reason why most homesteads own a pup.

Your hound can be of great help in maintaining your physical fitness. Do not worry about finding a jogging partner because your dog can play that role. Their relationship with their owners and playful nature makes them the perfect jogging partners. One should keep tabs on their dog’s health to ensure they live long. There exist many ways you can do that. The jogging and jumping involved in this activity will boost its physical fitness. Here are some of the positives your pup may gain from being playful.


Flexible Joints

Running up and down will ensure the joints of your pup are flexible and less creaky. The joints of your dog may dog runningbecome creaky as they age or stay inactive.  This may reduce their chances of roaming because of the kind of pain that emanates from their joint because of their situation. Those that ensure the security of a homestead or property require healthy joints because of the running activity they may be involved in. A playful dog is guaranteed of such joints. If your dog isn’t playful ensure it develops that habit.


Less boredom

Just like humans, dogs do have feelings and can get bored. You can easily know if your dog is bored by checking on its behavior. Some people read the mood of their pups by looking at their eyes. This says a lot about the dog-human relationship. An active dog will experience less boredom and bond with its owner well.


dog sittingShedding weight

Canines also experience the accumulation of fat and increase in weight just like humans. Being inactive will make your dog fat something most owners don’t like. A fat pup may face difficulties in conducting different tasks. Running may also be a problem for it. Being playful will enable it to shed pounds and prolong its life.