Water Damage – Important Things To Know

Water damage is quite common in Phoenix. Usually, it is caused by flooding and burst pipes. In any case, you have to deal with hurricanes, flash flooding, and high humidity. No matter how the damage happened, you need to know reasons to choose a reputable water damage restoration phoenix company. This is because restoring your business or home is not work for amateurs. Also, water damage is likely to leave you in vulnerable positions. Thus, you should avoid being ripped off.

Water Damage
When you got water damage, it is your duty to take an immediate action. You have no reason to allow wet carpets, flooring, wall or even furniture to remain wet. This is because it attracts added expenses and future problems. When you allow your structures to soak, you are only inviting further damage. Wet structures need to be dried as soon as possible. In fact, your small wet vacuum cleaner cannot just handle it.

Things to look for

Insured Company

Always ensure you hire a company, which is certified, bonded, and insured to carry out various types of water damage restoration works. A good company should have technicians that are certified with relevant organizations. The good thing with such technicians is that they have undergone thorough training and understand different standards of cleaning, restoration, and inspection. Thus, they will ensure restoration works are carried out to the set industrial standards.
During emergency times, you only want the mess to be sorted out as quickly as possible. Therefore, you may forget to inquire about certification and technicians may forget to come with them. Fortunately, you can access them online depending on the body that certified them.

Insurance carrier

Before you hire water restoration company, you should ensure that they can work with the insurance carrier you have. The right insurance should cover all things that arise from this misfortune. This may include burst water pipes, heaters, exploding toilets, dishwashers, and overflowing tubs.
cracked ceilingThere is no best time for the occurrence of water damage. However, if the misfortune happens to you, you need to be prepared. If you can figure it quickly, the less water flooding and damage your home will suffer. You need to act fast as leaky basements, mold, and drywall water damage can destroy your office or home.
Immediate response and actions help mitigate the problem and reduce costs and the resulting cleanup. Moreover, it stops spread of water. Failure to contain the problem, mold starts to grow within 24 hours. If left, you may also need to hire mold remediation experts.

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The excess water accumulated during a storm or a bathtub overflow can cause severe damage to your home when left unchecked. The water damage restoration dallas addresses all issues dealing with water damage in Dallas and beyond. In addition to structural damage, it causes secondary damage which includes the growth of mold, mildew, and spores on the walls, ceiling and hidden areas of the building.


The Microbial growth

The microbial growth can be a serious threat to your health and the health of your loved ones, especially children Microbial growthwho are very much prone to infections. Also, the wetness may cause the wood to rot creating safety hazards, and moist wood also promotes the growth of termites.

So, it is critical that you act immediately after a water damage and restore you home to avoid any permanent structural damage to the building.

Since you can’t do this job all by yourself, it is recommended to hire a water damage remediation service whose trained professionals can restore your home (or office) as quickly as possible.

The common causes of water damage are

  1. Flooding caused due to severe weather conditions
  2. Sewer backup
  3. Toilet, bathtub or sink overflow
  4. Leaks in plumbing


It is the process of drying a building with the help of dehumidifiers, air movers, and wet-dry vacuums. Dehumidifiers, as the name indicates, suck out the moisture from the atmosphere, air movers promote evaporation through continuous air flow and the spaces are used to get rid of excess water and puddles.


In a majority of cases, homeowner’s insurance companies pay for water damage restoration. However, this depends on some factors including the state you live in and the carrier from whom you purchased the policy.

Most plans mention it in their terms and the exact terms and conditions. To know if your insurance policy covers all or only a part of the cleanup cost, contact your insurance provider.

When hiring a water damage Dallas restoration company, make sure that they have trained personnel and the latest drying equipment. Also, hire a company which promptly responds to your call. If the repair work is delayed, it may cause permanent odor and discoloration of your home’s walls.

Prefer a company that is available 24/7. An excellent restoration professional will be able to identify and clean out the mold growth in the hidden areas that you may not see, such as beneath carpets, inside walls and crawlspaces, and behind baseboards.