Untold Facts About Hair Follicle Drug Tests

The corporate world has made significant strides in the recent past where business entities are trying to have a competitive edge over each other. Consequently, this has ushered a whole set of approaches aimed at streamlining the operations of these businesses. For instance, the use of drug test by some employers is among many strategies used. Urine and hair follicle tests have been in use for some time now. However, with the effectiveness and reliability of results obtained from the hair follicle test, many employees are quickly turning to hair drug tests.

Why Drug Tests?hair

Drug tests are used for pre-employment reasons. Well, this serves to try to look at the employee’s background and see whether the history of substance abuse can affect his/her abilities. Well, as much as the history of drug abuse can limit their abilities, this is not always the case. Considering that some employees might feel judged wrong based on their history, some opt to circumvent this exercise.

The Biology Behind Hair Drug Tests

The hair drug test relies on biological process within your body. Ideally, as your body metabolizes, the body process continuously alter the composition of blood, bones and hairs. However, this alteration is significant and lasts longer on the hair since it is made up of dead cells. Besides, the growth of hair is a process that starts in the follicle before the hair emerges on the scalp. This implies that your hair can store your biological history for a longer time that other body processes like the production of urine.

cutting hairWell, most drug tests can detect drug usage for almost 90 days. Most of them are not able to reach this feat. Interestingly, the hair follicle drug test lasts considerably long than most biological tests. Besides, hair test facts are also able to tell the period in which the usage occurred. In most instances, this works to the employees’ disadvantage.

Circumventing the Test

Well, from online sites and customer reviews, there is a likelihood that you can across some option of dodging this exercise. From theses variety, one of the best is using some special detox shampoo. There are many brands, but only a few of them work. This implies that you have to put in some effort and ascertain that the shampoo chosen works before committing your funds. The best detox shampoo should be able to get into the follicle and neutralize the toxins in the follicle.