Hilarious April fool Ideas

April 1st is finally here and you do not want to be the fool of the town.

April fool Ideas

You want to fool as many people as you can.

Chances are that many April fools ideas have been done in the past and you are left with slim chances of getting the better of your friends and family.

But do not worry; here is a bank of hilarious April fool ideas that will leave you the champion of the day.

  • Infest the house/office with fake rats

Get some fake rats and throw them all over the room.

Sit somewhere and wait to see how they react when they enter and see rats everywhere.

Those you never knew could never run will amaze you with their lightning pace.

  • Switch the door wall protector with a hair horn

Someone will come early in the morning ready for breakfast.

As they open the door, the hair horn will blare and send them to a shock.

Be around to see if he/she will take to their heels.

  • Serve yummy ice cream made from gravy and potatoes

Everyone will love some ice cream.

Appeal to their taste by placing clear glasses of mashed potatoes and gravy on the dining table.

Sit and observe the reaction once they find out it was not ice cream after all.

  • Remove the hand wash jelly and in its place keep lubricator

One sure thing is washing hands.

Give your co-workers surprise hand lubrication as they get ready for morning tea. They will be amazed by the grease on their hands.

Make sure the lubricant can be easily washed away and is not harmful to the skin.

  • Place clear tape over TV and Game console sensors

There are those who will not do without TV and games.

Give them a shock by placing clear tape over the TV and console sensors. The remote will not be functional anymore and someone will try replacing the batteries or going for the manual option.

  • Grow some green grass in the refrigeratoridea

Paint a green garden in the refrigerator and let people think that mold has grown over everything.

You will hear someone cursing now that breakfast will not be available.

April fool day is about fun so go ahead and get someone for a fool.

Prank your friends and family and make the day memorable.

If someone gets you, too bad you did not read this post. Be sure that you do not do something that will harm anyone.

Happy April Fools’ Day!