Understanding the PH Artichoke Lamp

PH Artichoke lamp is a popular choice that is known worldwide by the popular Poul Henningsen. When you hear about a PH lamp, you only understand luxury and class. This is not an ordinary lamp like the ones you find in the market, check koglen pris in the market. This is a choice for people looking for something out of the ordinary and wants something that will represent a high class.

To make the artichoke lamp more sophisticated, the creator used a series of shades to make the lamp look more contemporary. Apart from for purposes of design, the shades are to make sure that the light spreads into different direction due to the harmful effects of having a bulb facing the room directly.

Why go for a PH Artichoke lampwhite PH Artichoke lamp

Variety of colors

When it comes to PH lamps, there is a variety to choose from, and you will be spoilt for choice. There are many colors available including red, black, white and green. This is important because you can always choose a color that will match the décor of your house. The color is always an important factor when it comes to lamps because it can always determine the mood of any room.


The style is something that has always been the hallmark of all PH lamps. PH lamps have the ability to incorporate different styles, and this is always a great addition to the décor of any home.

Many people who decide to go for PH lamps do so to make it an addition to the home décor. It is the beauty and style of this lamp that makes it a popular house accessory in all parts of the world.

Variety of finPH Artichoke lampishes

When it comes to an artichoke lamp, you have the freedom to choose among the different finishes that are available. For instance, we have the glass finishes which are the best choice if you want to give the room a soft and warm look.

Aluminum finish on the hand is the more stylish and sophisticated look. This is an ideal for choice for people who want to make a strong statement when it comes to interior décor. Aluminum is given a modern look to the home.

Give your home style

If you want to show that you represent style, then there is no better way than having a ph artichoke lamp in your home. This is the type of lamp that was made with style in mind. It is also a representation of the vintage age keeping in mind that the designer has pieces dated decades ago.